Singing & Voice

Do-Re-Mi School of Music & the Arts
93A South Livingston Avenue
Livingston, NJ

Voice - Private Lessons 

With rare exception, Vocal Training is not offered to girls younger than 13 and boys younger than 15 years. However, any child will benefit from Vocal Coaching: learning breathing technique, singing in tune, pronouncing sounds clearly while singing.  



Singing in an ensemble is especially good: additionally to all benefits of vocal coaching, ensemble participants sing in parts, so their listening and musicality develop tremendously.  Repertory is mostly Broadway and popular, but some classical arrangements are included. 

Our very own "Sun and Chocolate" group (11-12 yrs.) participated in Golden Key Music Festival this spring and won golden medals. They performed in Carnegie Hall.


1st year (5-8 yrs.): Sunday, 12:15-1:00
2nd year: Monday, 8:00-8:45
3rd year: Wednesday, 7:15-8:15
Sun & Chocolate: Tuesday, 7:00-8:00
Adults: Monday, 8:45-9:45

Group Monthly Tuition:

45-min. weekly classes: $75 for students who take private music lessons at the Do-Re-Mi (any instrument), $90 for all other students.
60-min. weekly classes: $90 for students who take private music lessons at the Do-Re-Mi (any instrument), $105 for all other students.

Group monthly tuition fee includes one monthly large-group class that will take place on a 3rd or 4th Sunday of each month, see  below.

Monthly Singing/Performance Class

Monthly class is required for all students taking ensemble singing lessons. It is important so students could practice for performances together. It will be held usually on a 3rd of 4th Sunday of the month, according to the calendar below, at 4-7 pm. the first one and a half hour will be singing with Ms. Nana and during a second half of the session children will work with a professional Musical Theater dancing and acting instructor.

The updated dates for Monthly Singing/Performance Classes are:
3/3, 3/30, , 4/6, 4/27. May and June will be posted in April, when the calendar of our winners NYC recital will become available, so the teachers could attend these performances.

Private Monthly Tuition:

$160 a month for 30-min. weekly lessons, $220 a month for 45-min. weekly lessons, $280 a month for 60-min. weekly lessons.


Family Music Party will be held in the middle of December. For children, experience of making music together with their parents and siblings is invaluable. For parents, it is another opportunity to spend meaningful time with their children, to brush up their forgotten skills and to take a break from their everyday stress. And after all, it is just FUN for all! We know that a lot of our students' parents are very musical, talented do love music. They sing, they play guitar, piano, clarinet, violin... We will help you to choose a song for your family ensemble resources and level, whether it is vocal performance or any combination of singing and instruments. We will help you to create a simple arrangement. And then you will share your song with other musical families - in a low-pressure, enjoyable social atmoshpere. 

Calendar 2013-2014

Sept 07: lessons start
Nov 28 – Dec 1: no lessons, Thanksgiving break
Dec 23-Jan 01: no lessons, New Year break
Apr 14-20: no classes, Spring break
May 24-26: no lessons, Memorial Day break
June 30: the last day of spring semester
July 1: the first day of summer semester

If your child will be out of town before 6/30, please arrange additional lessons prior to his or her vacation.