Music & Theater Camp

Do-Re-Mi School of Music & the Arts
93A South Livingston Ave
Livingston, NJ 07039

Music & Theater Camp with Nana Gray


For students who want to explore Music and Theater, we are offering a specialized program. These kids will spend  6 hours in our Do-Re-Mi School, surrounded by beautiful pianos, 9:00-3:00, each day. The music making will be conducted by Ms. Nana Gray, who teaches singing and piano in the Do-Re-Mi for more than 10 years and is well-known and loved for her inspiration, patience, creativity, great accompaniments and amazing rapport with every single child.

7/1-7/5 (no camp on 7/4 - Independence Day)

Early drop-in is available, 7:30-9:00; please ask.
Performances on Friday, 7/12 afternoon. 

What makes our camp special and fun:

  • Relaxing, creative atmosphere where everyone is accepted and plays an important part. Every child has a stimulating opportunity for artistic, musical growth and meaningful, respectful interaction with others, both children and adults. Large group activities, such as theater and ensemble singings, are interspersed with small group activities, such as piano duets and partner projects.


    Musical Theater, Singing, Music Appreciation, Piano Ensemble.
    Piano and rhythm ensembles will be formed based on the levels of students enrolled. If your child plays any other instrument (violin, guitar, flute - ANY!) s/he'll be given a part on her own instrument.

    Children of different ages and level of experience are welcome: in theater part, more experienced and older students will be assigned leading parts, while younger and inexperienced will be a part of chorus.

    7:30-9:00 Early drop-in

    9:00-10:30 Musical Theater
    10:30-11:00 Break
    11:00-12:00 Instrumental Ensemble
    12:00-1:00 Lunch and Games
    1:00-1:45 Music Appreciation
    1:45-2:45 Singing or Show RehearsalTuition

$350 per week/paid by 2/1, $360/paid by 4/1, $380/paid by 6/15
$280/290/300 for 7/1-7/5 week
$50 off if register for two weeks
Sibling discount: 10% from a second tuition. 

$180/paid by 2/1, $190/paid by 4/1, $200/paid by 6/15

Early drop-in 7:30-9:00 - $50/week
Lunch: bring your own, or can be ordered for your child at Il Giacalone for a nominal price.
Pizza served by the school on Friday.
Snacks are included.

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