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Learning Through Play
Programs for 3-7 year old

The goal of these programs is to sparkle a child's interest in math, to develop his or her logical thinking. Should we try to develop child's interest to math so early? This is the question that different families might answer differently. But it's worth to mention that an early interest gives a better chance to develop a deeper understanding and a solid knowledge. To see examples of outstanding results of children's early introduction to math and science, please click here.


A sample problem for 3-4 years old:
Two white cars and two black cars arrived to a parking lot. Then two cars left. What cars (which color) could remain on the parking lot?

Program is mainly hands-on, so a child could experience each concept practically,with his or her own hands.

The program for 6-7 year olds introduces elements of probability theory and statistics. 
Given the children's age, we don't write formulas and we don't perform calculations except for simple counting of objects. Basic math concepts are introduced through hands-on experience (e.g. children learn what Number Line is by marking numbers on a string.)
 In addition, every lesson includes  logic puzzles/questions.

This program prepares for Kangaroo Math levels 1-2 and builds the fundamentals for any type of olympiad.

  Comprehensive Math Enrichment Program for grades 2 through 8; HS SAT prep

Our Math Enrichment Program for school ages has been developed in classical traditions of systematic education and is based on the best principles of advanced math schools in Russia and USA. It has been adapted to the USA educational environment.

The cornerstone of the program is the famous Russian teaching methodology combined with Singapore Math. One of its important features is the early introduction of algebra. This idea is just beginning to gain recognition in the US. The proven result of this methodology is true understanding of every math concept by a student and his/her ability to independently apply logical reasoning to even unfamiliar types of complex multi-step problems.

We require homework, since this is the only reliable way to memorize the material learned in class. There is no needless repetition, but there is consistent demand to use previously learned skills in new sets of problems. We use Singapore Math workbooks to provide consistency, but offer assignments from other sources to develop children's logical thinking and encourage their interest to unusual math problems and creative problem solving.

Olympiad Math for Elementary and Middle Schools

If student expresses interest in math, masters the school math with ease and is showing certain aptitude, we suggest Olympiad Math. This program does not review what children learn at schools, but is focusing on challenging problems and concepts that often are not addressed by school programs. The Do-Re-Mi School Math team is qualified as an institutional team for MOEMS competitions, 5 monthly contests starting in November. Each child is also eligible for participation in Kangaroo Math Contest, International contest taking place in March. We use materials offered by various Olympiads from previous years, American and European.



Please notice, the schedule is tentative and may be adjusted according to demand.

For enrollment, Math placement test is required.


Monthly for Group classes (4-6 students per class):
Gr. 1 and up: 55-min. $97/month.
Monthly for Partner lessons (2-3 students in a group):
Gr. pre-K/K: 45-min. $120 per person per month 
Gr. 3 and up: 55-min. $140 per person per month

Per lesson for Private lessons:
Gr.K-2: 30-min. $38,
Gr. 4-6: 45-min. $55, 60-min. $70,
Gr. 7-8: 60-min. $70.
SAT Prep 1.5 hour $105 

Please notice: per lesson tuition has to be multiplied by the number of lessons per year (varies depending on the day of the week), and paid according to the school policy (recurring payments, postdated checks etc)

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