Day-By-Day Schedule

Do-Re-Mi School of Music & the Arts
93A South Livingston Avenue
113 South Livingston Avenue
Livingston, NJ


In this table, you can see which teacher works and what classes are held in which classrooms. For schedule of specific classes for specific grades or levels, please see separate schedules under each program.

93A South Livingston Ave, 2nd Floor 113 South Livingston Avenue
Room 1 Room 2 Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room 7 Room 8 Room 9 Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Theater Hall
Mon Galyna
P-no, Fl
Nina Piano Marina K Piano Natalia Math Angela Russian Taya Piano Seun Chess Marina G Piano Nana Piano
Tue Ella Piano Elena Voice Natasha Russian Bill Woodwinds Irina Math Nana Piano Kuznetsov Art  Vlad Math Carol Guitar Natasha Theater
Wed Pei Violin Nina Piano Diana    Math Olessia/Rus  Seun/Games Katya Art  Steve Guitar
Thu Ella Piano Pei Violin Luba Piano Vlad Math  Bill Guitar
Fri Ella Piano Abby
P-no, Theory
Natasha Russian Marina G Piano Diana Math (?) Olga Math
Sat Ella Piano Natasha/
Olessia Russian
Seun Chess Irina Math Sona Art  Vlad Math Olessia Russian Natasha Theater

We serve students from Livingston, Short Hills, Millburn, Springfield, Summit, Chatham, New Providence, Berkely Heights, Basking Ridge, Roseland, Caldwell, North Caldwell, West Orange, South Orange, East Hanover, Parsippany, Montville, Randolph and Boonton areas.