The topics within the fall program (the number of weeks is tentative):

  • Improvisation on black keys; pentatonic; voicing and recording on a keyboard, transcribing by notes (6 weeks.)
  • Blues; chords I-IV-V; 12-measure chord progression; composing a melody within 12-bar pattern (4 weeks.)
  • Songs; creating melodies to the lyrics and accompaniments to the melodies. Writing down and decoding of symbols for accompanying chords (8 weeks.)
  • Classical chord progressions, forms, rhythm patterns and genres. Writing down the compositions on staff paper (10 weeks.)
  • Music tales: story telling through music making. Creating for student’s own instrument; writing on a staff paper; performing (6 weeks.)
  • Create your music for a video game; voicing and recording (4-6 tracks) on a keyboard (4 weeks.)

In the spring, some compositions will be recommended for student composition competitions.

We are planning to teach the same concepts at three different levels: Elementary (a student has to complete at least the first book of any method); Intermediate (a student has to start “standard repertoire”, e.g. Sonatinas or Minuets), and Advanced. Which of these levels will actually take place depends on enrollment.