Do-Re-Mi School of Music & the Arts
93A South Livingston Avenue
Livingston, NJ


Beginner ART Lessons: Introduction to the Fine Arts for 3-7 yrs.

We offer Beginner classes for two age groups: 3-5 and 5-7 years.

Both programs are porject-centered. During the school year children will learn steps and techniques to be able to draw and paint various objects, animals, people and scenes: flowers, pets, toys, farm animals, wild animals, birds, bugs and butterflies, ocean, seasons, fairy tale characters, day and night, street.

Children will get familiar with basic elements of Art, such as Texture, Form, Space, Shape, Line, Tone, Size and Color.

Students will experiment with various media, not only traditional, such as pencils and coal for drawing, pastels, tempera and watercolor for painting, but also clay, prints, "junk sculptures" and many more.



  Intermediate ART Classes for 5-12 yrs: Styles and Genres of the Past

Intermediate students further master their drawing and pianting through studying the works of great masters of the past. Children find typical features of each style through observation, discussion and teacher's explanations, and try to create their own works using technique typical for that style according to their level of  understanding and skills. We offer two ten-months courses: "Early Art" refers to art from Ancient through Medieval Eiropean and various ethnic styles, both two- nd three-dimentional art, including sculpture and architecture.

 "Modern" covers European 19th century through 21st century in Europe and America. These two courses do not have to be taken in a certain order, student can start with either of the two. Each one-year course is offered to three age groups: 5-7 (2 years of Beginner Art is required), 8-10 and 11-12.


Advanced ART Classes for 11 years and older

If a student completed both Early and Modern courses of Intermediate Art, s/he is ready for an advanced "CLassical" art course that rotates from lesson to lesson between drawing, painting and composition. Historically, it is connected to High Renessaince through Late 18th-early 19th centuries of European art. Still life and portrait is a major part of instruction. A teacher pays close attention to each student, giving suggestions on how to improve each individual drawing or painting, sharing precious secrets of artistry and mastery right in the process of creating students' art works.

Advanced ART & Portfolio Preparation for 7th grade and older

An acclaimed artist and art teacher, participant of numerous international exhibits Leonid Shoshensky is offering a classical course Portfolio Preparation and Advanced Art. 80 out of dozens of Leonid's students have been admitted into Pratt Institute, Chicago School of Art, Cooper Union and other prestigious art schools, graduated and are working in the field as artists, designers and architects (2011 LHS graduate, Karen Reznik, was admited into NY School of Visual Arts.) Below are samples of Leonid's students works.

The Do-Re-Mi Fall 2013 course (fourteen two-hour classes from 9/17 to 12/16) covers painting, color science, classical and architectural drawing, classical and architectural composition. Additionally, a different classical or modern artist is introduced at each class.
The course is designed for students of 7-12th grades.

Tuition is $910. Basic materials are provided, although the teacher may recommend to bring student's own materials.
Similar course is offered to adult amateurs.



Monthly Tuition

60-min. $95 (except for Portfolio)
Includes basic materials; the teacher may request additional materials for advanced levels.

Calendar 2013-2014

Sept 07: lessons start
Sept 14: no classes, Yom-Kippur
Oct 31: no classes, Halloween
Nov 28 -30: no lessons, Thanksgiving break
Dec 23-Jan 01: no lessons, New Year break
Feb 15-17: no classes, President Day break
Apr 14-19: no classes, Spring break
May 24-26: no lessons, Memorial Day break
June 21: the last day of spring semester
June 23: the first day of summer semester